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How a Targeted Marketing Plan Increased TIA’s Education Revenue by 32%

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The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals in North America providing resources, education, and advocacy in service to their members’ customers.

TIA was struggling with big picture promotional emails that listed all their education programs in a single newsletter. See how they increased engagement and revenue with better targeting, segmenting, and testing.

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Big Picture Newsletter Buried Relevant Content

In the past, TIA used a single Friday newsletter to promote all their educational courses. The newsletter showed the big picture, covering all courses offered. It wasn’t targeted and was sent with a generic subject line like “TIA Foundation Newsletter.” It got some clicks, but too many items were buried and not reaching their audience. To improve open and click rates, they decided to evaluate their communications strategy and use their observations to improve performance.


A/B Testing Subject Lines and Segmenting Audiences

TIA overhauled their communication strategy and used Higher Logic’s Communications platform to create a more targeted approach to promoting their educational courses. TIA started analyzing past email engagement rates, segmenting their audience, and A/B testing subject lines for specific courses. They came up with a more targeted approach, using specific subject lines and target audiences to receive information on just one course at a time.


“We would like to continue using this approach because it allows us to promote all our courses without flooding our members’ inboxes. Targeted subject lines and standalone emails work. Spending the extra time to brainstorm with other members of your team, figuring out what we want to say, different subject lines to use, etc. is very helpful and beneficial.”

Matt Hirniak Communications Manager (former), TIA

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