Rob Wenger returns to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Wenger, who co-founded Higher Logic in 2007, previously spent more than a decade leading the company. He is re-joining as the strategic opportunity for the business shifts to product innovation and strategic partnerships. Read Full Press Release

Communities run deep.
They are the fabric that ties us together.

Communities accelerate your growth

Boost Retention

Communities can impact the customer at every lifecycle phase – it becomes an extension of your team. This leads to more honest and consistent relationships with your customers and members.

Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

When customers feel connected to a brand and its community, they are more likely to become loyal advocates for the brand. This can be especially valuable in today’s digital era where word-of-mouth recommendations from
loyal customers can be a powerful marketing tool.

Maximize Revenue

Unlock the knowledge of the community to identify revenue opportunities that drive impact. Whether its feedback on a current product or unlocking a new product, your customers become an input to the future.

Create Advocates

Advocates help to amplify the market and by extension your product. Building a space for your most loyal customers to share their honest experiences can foster more credibility then if you tried to say it yourself.

Grow at Scale

During times of growth and uncertainty, teams are always asked to do more with less. Building your community into the fabric of your experience helps to supplement your teams.