Rob Wenger returns to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Wenger, who co-founded Higher Logic in 2007, previously spent more than a decade leading the company. He is re-joining as the strategic opportunity for the business shifts to product innovation and strategic partnerships. Read Full Press Release

Anti-Spam Policy

We know spam is a serious issue.

That’s why our License Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy prohibit all users of our Software Services from sending unsolicited email. Users are required to obtain permission from all recipients before sending mail and honor all unsubscribe requests as quickly as possible.

Sending mail to contacts acquired by any of the following methods is expressly prohibited:

  • Purchasing or renting from a vendor or other third party
  • Harvesting or “scraping” from websites or discussion forums
  • Using data published by the government of a country, state, or locality (e.g. information required to be provided by the US Freedom of Information Act)
  • Any other method in which the recipient does not provide permission to the sender

Higher Logic reserves the right to terminate service for any user who violates this policy.

What if you receive unwanted mail from a Higher Logic user?

If you never requested the mail, please forward it to [email protected] for review by our Abuse team. If the message is not available, please include as many details as possible about the message sender and content. Each report is investigated fully, and our team will ensure you no longer receive the unsolicited mail.

If you opted in but wish to unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link in the message you received. If you are unable to do this, please contact the organization or company that sent the email.