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The Jama Software Community Makes Life Better for Customers and Staff

Meet Our Customer

Jama Software is a product development platform for organizations that build complex products and mission critical software systems like SpaceX and Caterpillar. They use Salesforce as their CRM.

Kristina King, Senior Manager, Customer Care (former) at Jama Software, and the team wanted to provide their customers with a dedicated space to ask questions and find answers by networking with other customers. After Jama launched an online community, the staff has seen their community become the best resource for all things Jama, from customer support to product improvement.

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Improve the Customer & Support Experience

Because Jama’s customers use robust software in complicated fields, they need:

  • To keep a record of version history and activity tracking. Misremembering or forgetting details makes a big difference when you’re working in aerospace.
  • Support during non-traditional hours. Many of Jama’s customers work non-traditional hours, making it hard for them to connect with customer service during regular hours.

Implement a Powerful Community Platform

Jama went through several online community platforms before finding the right one. Some platforms weren’t user-friendly or didn’t offer simple capabilities like uploading files. Jama’s Customer Care team switched to Higher Logic’s online community platform to gain functionality and get more for their money, and they’ve found it to be a real upgrade. “Higher Logic’s capabilities are much more powerful and flexible than our last platform,” said Kristina. “We can roll a lot more into our community than ever before.”


“Higher Logic’s capabilities are much more powerful and flexible than our last platform. We can roll a lot more into our community than ever before. Our ticket volume has continued to go down since launching a community in 2014, even though our customer base has grown.”

Kristina King Senior Manager, Customer Care (former), Jama Software

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