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TMA’s Automated Campaigns Result in 313% Increase in Sales

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The Texas Medical Association (TMA), the nation’s largest and one of the oldest and most powerful state medical societies, speaks out for more than 51,000 physician and medical student members across the state in their commitment to improve the health of all Texans. They use iMIS-ASI as their member database.

The team at TMA noticed their educational resource sales were on a downward trend – see how they used automated email campaigns to increase sales by 313%.

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Decrease in Course Sales

TMA faced a challenge with their Continuing Medical Education (CME) course series: sales of their educational resources dropped. TMA noticed sales were flat and trending downward, based on outdated and infrequent email communications. The adoption of marketing automation coupled with new campaign templates had a dramatic effect on both TMA’s sales and how they approached member communications.


Personalized & Responsive Communication

In an effort to enhance communication with members and non-members interested in online courses, TMA created automated campaigns. The campaigns analyzed click and purchase behavior in order to send (or not send) a relevant follow-up email so that subscribers received information about courses they were interested in. Data also showed 60% of CME Spotlight emails were being opened on a mobile devices, so the team upgraded CME Spotlight email templates to mobile-friendly.


“Marketing automation allows us to personalize emails and give subscribers what they want.”

Trevor Delling Marketing Specialist (former), TMA

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