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We’re Saying Goodbye to One-Size-Fits-All Community Solutions

Corporations, HL News // Meet our three new customer community products, purpose-built for your company’s unique needs.

James Willey
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These days in the B2B software world, companies are searching for ways to “connect” with their users. But it’s clear that just connecting is not enough. True customer engagement is the prize. And online customer communities are playing an important part in filling this need.

Your customers have high expectations of the solutions they use and purchase, and providing a unique, distinct, and helpful experience where your customers, users, partners, and employees can innovate together is key. That’s what an online community can provide for your brand.

Unique is the key word, though. Most solutions you’ll find are one-size-fits-all – but engaged communities just don’t work like that. Not every company is at the same stage or has the same use case need with online community, and each company’s and customer base’s needs are different.

That’s why we’re introducing three new purpose-built options for customer communities: Community Essentials, Community Plus, and Community Enterprise.

Say Hello to Our Three New Options for Customer Communities

With insight and expertise from over 13 years in the community engagement industry, we’ve learned what it takes to build engaging communities.

We’ve learned that community platforms can’t be one-size-fits-all. We’ve observed that companies in different stages of community life need different things. We’ve seen that distinct community programs have different needs, from thought leadership, advocacy programs, engaging users with great ideas, or streamlining CX processes.

Our three solutions are designed with flexibility and engagement in mind, so that you can create that unique, personalized experience you and your customers want in an online community.

Meet the crew:

  • Community Essentials for Customers is designed to drive engagement on day one. We offer pre-built models, automation, and the features you need to get your online community started quickly.
  • Community Plus for Customers offers the same built-in best practices as Essentials, with additional engagement features like advocacy and sub-communities, giving your online community program room to grow.
  • Community Enterprise for Customers is backed by the full power of the Engagement Platform. It has the tools you need to design a unique, branded community experience, create microsites, support virtual and in-person events, and more with a configurable community experience.

Our new community for customers products will help B2B companies improve customer experience and success, tailor marketing efforts, build brand advocates, and scale support efforts – wherever you are in your community journey and most importantly, give you room to grow in your time at your pace.

Watch the full video here.

Learn More about the Community for Customers Products

Get to know each of our three new online community products.

Community Essentials

Perfect for companies just starting out on their community journey or those who aren’t sure where to start, Community Essentials for Customers has everything you need to begin successfully – with best practices for increasing engagement built in.

Best of all, we can get your online community up and running in under two weeks. You’ll find useful automation emails you can use to nudge engagement, gamification tools to reward wanted activities, and a dedicated space for product ideation.

With Community Essentials, you’ve got everything you need for success in one place, and it’s easy for customers to use, navigate, and contribute.

Community Plus

You’re ready for an online community – we’re here to make it happen with Community Plus for Customers. With the same built-in best practices as Community Essentials, Community Plus also gives you configuration options to help you scale and key features like advocacy, helping you find and discover key insights.

With the ability to create multiple sub-communities, you can meet every department or customer group’s needs. For example, your company may have multiple product lines or support distinct industries that each require a unique community experience. Community Plus allows you to do it all in one platform.

Create multiple sub-communities to meet the needs of each customer group with Community Plus.

Community Enterprise

With Community Enterprise for Customers, harness the full power of the Higher Logic Engagement Platform. You’ll have the tools you need to design a unique, branded community experience. Create microsites, support virtual and in-person events, and more with a configurable community experience.

With Community Enterprise microsites, you can dedicate special community areas for things like virtual, hybrid, or in-person events or separate product lines.


Build Your Online Customer Community on a Platform that’s Designed for Engagement

Future-focused companies know that customer engagement will positively impact satisfaction, loyalty, and growth. To get those results, you need an online community platform that will help your online community thrive.

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At Higher Logic, we know what it takes to engage your community, and those best practices and the right structure are built into our three customer community products. Want to learn more? Get in touch today.

James Willey

EVP & Chief Product Officer

James has more than 25 years of experience leading enterprise product portfolios, with a strong track record of driving innovation, growth, and scale. James leads product strategy, management, and marketing at Higher Logic, focusing on driving growth and building customer connections to make them more successful. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy at Ellucian, where he led the development of innovative solutions designed to unify the higher education community and help positively impact student success. Prior to that, he held product marketing and product management leadership roles at Infor, MAPICS, and Symix. He holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology from East Carolina University.

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