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Introducing Advanced Starter Kits: Email Campaigns for Associations Are Easier Than Ever

Associations, Communications Strategy, HL News // Our new advanced starter kits combine the power of successful, proven strategies with content prompts that jumpstart your member communications strategy. It’s time to automate your email campaigns with confidence.

Alex Mastrianni
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Have you thought about automating a member onboarding series, but get hung up on where to start? Maybe you’re a small team trying to balance a never-ending to-do list with making strategic plans. Maybe you’re intimidated by a blank slate (writer’s block is real). Or maybe you’ve never done it before, and aren’t sure about the right workflow to use, what members to send to, or what content to include.

Or maybe, it’s a combination of all three of those things. But we’re here to change that. Now, you can create some of the most common association campaigns without being an expert in marketing automation software.

We’ve worked with thousands of associations on their marketing and membership communications. We know when teams use automated email campaigns, associations see impressive results. We also know where they hit roadblocks and what they need to make their campaigns successful.

While other email tools focus on providing templates for a handful of use cases, our team has taken it a step further to guide you. Not only will we help you run the most fruitful email campaigns for associations, but we’ve simplified the entire campaign process, including content creation.

Enter: Advanced Starter Kits.

Meet Advanced Starter Kits: Effective Member Marketing & Communication, Made Easy

Designed to make the execution of your key email campaigns easy, Advanced Starter Kits live right in the Communications Professional product.

We’ve merged the best practices that we’ve implemented with customers with the knowledge shared from our own customers’ campaign successes, to help you both write the content and design the automated workflows. Read: Execute with confidence.

With Advanced Starter Kits, you’ve got tons of options to choose from. Whether you want to run a member win back campaign, a member renewal campaign, a fundraising campaign, or a member welcome campaign, we have you covered. Now, you can benefit from over 20 years of experience as you implement automation for your association.

new automated email campaigns for associations

We help you simplify these key campaigns at vital points in the member journey to save time. Don’t start from scratch, use our sample messaging to create a more compelling email campaign.

With Advanced Starter Kits, you’ll get:

  • Pre-structured, templated sample messaging. Save time and follow our guidance to build your email content for key campaigns. ​We highlight areas in the email content where you can customize the message to fit your association and the needs of your members.
  • Campaign structures. Streamline your process across important areas for your association, like new member onboarding, lapsed member campaigns, renewal cycles, and fundraising efforts.

starter kits for association email campaigns

The end result? You just saved yourself time and have more effective communications going out. ​Providing the right content at the right time drives increased engagement with campaigns, leading to increased revenue through renewals, fundraising efforts, and more. With less effort, you can now unlock the benefits that organizations like yours are already enjoying.

For example, Professionals Australia used a member renewal campaign to reduce resignations by 12.5%.

The American Association for Respiratory Care brought back 800 lapsed members with member win back campaigns.

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association spends 50% less time managing their membership campaigns and gets them out earlier.

Ready to Get Started with Email Campaigns?

If you’re thinking about how you can eliminate repetitive, mundane tasks and create a truly personalized member experience with Advanced Starter Kits at your organization, let’s talk.

If you’re a Higher Logic customer and want to learn more about Advanced Starter Kits, contact your Customer Success Manager today.

Alex Mastrianni

Senior Manager of Product Marketing

Alex is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Higher Logic. Outside of work, Alex is a pop culture junkie, ice cream fanatic, and semi-pro vacation planner.

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