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Making the Most of Super Forum: 6 Tips from Higher Logic Clients and Staff

HL News // Whether you're a seasoned Super Forum-goer or attending for the first time, you'll appreciate these tips from Higher Logic clients.

Jenny Pan
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During our latest Champion Program Summer Challenge, we asked our clients to share their best tips for attending Super Forum 2018 in Higher Logic’s own community, the Higher Logic Users Group (HUG).

Because we can’t really say it any better, here are the grade-A recommendations brought to you by your fellow Huggers.

1. Don’t Wait! Map Out Your Schedule

This year, we not only have tactical and strategic online community sessions, but we’ll also offer a whole host of marketing automation sessions. With more sessions than ever, this is the year to check out the full program in advance, and figure out your game plan early.

Having backup sessions in mind is super handy. Take it from David Tchozewski, the Manager of Discovery Education’s Online Learning Community, who recommends that you “choose at least two sessions for each time slot.”

2. 1:1s Are Your Best Friend

Year after year, the 1:1 consulting sessions are a Super Forum favorite. Web Content and Community Manager at the CREW Network, Megan Cottrell, shares that “this experience alone was worth the cost of my Super Forum registration, flight and hotel.” While signing up gets you halfway there, collecting your team’s questions ahead of time will make your life a lot easier.

The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International’s Director of Communications, James Baumann, recommends that you “gather as much of the information that you will need BEFORE you get there.” (We’ll be sharing sign-up information for these sessions soon – stay tuned!)

3. Have a Follow-Up Formula  

From the minute you arrive, your brain gets filled to the brim with new knowledge, ideas, and ways to apply what you’ve learned. With nine Super Forums under her belt, Lila Elliott, the Senior Manager of Education at Higher Logic, suggests you take at least 1-3 bulleted notes after each session and include how they will be implemented.

To avoid forgetting the great intentions you had at Super Forum when you jump back into your day-to-day work, she also recommends that you “give yourself time to decompress from what you learned and make a plan.”

4. Connect with Your Fellow Huggers

Super Forum is a unique opportunity to connect with people who have had many of the same experiences with community or marketing automation as you have. Cassandra Strawn, California Special Districts Association’s Senior Member Services Specialist, recommends that you “try to network and talk with as many people as you can.” 

Client-led sessions are also a great opportunity to ask specific questions about the successes or challenges the speakers have faced.

5. Divide and Conquer

Unfortunately, technology hasn’t advanced far enough to allow us to be in more than once place at a time. Amanda Feil, the Membership Development Manager at the American Association for Respiratory Care, notes that “if you can bring several staff, it’s great,” and that “if you can’t, don’t be afraid to ask other people throughout the conference if they had a chance to go to your backup session.”

Bonus tip: Use the Super Forum event community as a resource after the conference! It’s likely that members will be happy to share notes for sessions you missed.

6. The Best is Yet to Come – 45 Ideas in 45 Minutes

Towards the end of the event, it may be tempting to leave to give your brain a break, but if you can, hold on. Super Forum goes out with bang with the fast-paced, can’t-miss “45 Ideas in 45 Minutes” session. If you don’t believe us, ask Simona Ciampi, the Associate Director of Online Member Engagement at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. She insists that you “DO NOT MISS this session.”

Historically, our team has shared 45 innovative online community ideas that our clients have implemented. This year, we’ll welcome marketing automation content to the mix for a jam-packed closing session you won’t want to miss.

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Jenny Pan

Customer Marketing Manager

Jenny is a Customer Marketing Manager at Higher Logic. While she’s not at work, she can be found exploring the DC food scene, reluctantly doing cardio, and playing with her pup Potato.

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