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Quick Wins You Can Get When You Adopt Higher Logic Thrive

Associations, Higher Logic Thrive //  We recently announced the launch of our new product for associations – Higher Logic Thrive, the member experience platform. The platform is designed to help you with engagement, retention, growth in membership and non-dues revenue over time, but when you’re...

Beth Arritt
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We recently announced the launch of our new product for associations – Higher Logic Thrive, the member experience platform. The platform is designed to help you with engagement, retention, growth in membership and non-dues revenue over time, but when you’re just diving in, you’re looking for some quick wins. For this post, I’m focusing on two quick wins: creating a great community experience and personalizing your marketing.  

Creating a Great Community Experience   

Thrive Platform combines the power of community, marketing, and membership management to enable your team to create powerful member experiences with ease. One easy win using the seamless integration of Thrive Platform marketing and community is the ability to improve your member experience and engagement with your community.   

For example, once you have your community in place, it’s easy to get your members onboarded into the community and engaged using our advanced starter kits.   

Advanced starter kits are prebuilt workflows for automated email campaigns built using our 15+ years of experience with thousands of associations. While we’ve got multiple starter kits — renewals, win-back, fundraising, etc. — these two campaigns will help get community members engaged as soon as you launch.  

Community Onboarding 

Onboarding is a critical part of getting community engagement. Our community onboarding starter kit is based on real customer experiences with other associations, so we’ve built in things like suggested text and the ability to include the RSS feed from the community for the latest real-time posts every time a new automated email sends, which helps drive engagement with posts directly from the onboarding emails.  

Create this campaign to help you get members active right when they join. 


Even if you have a good onboarding experience, sometimes members disengage with community. Thrive Platform includes an automated re-engagement campaign template to help you bring those members back. When you create this campaign, you get to decide what engagement looks like! Don’t limit yourself to community engagement: you can draw in member activity, events, email engagement, website visits and more. 

In addition to the campaign, the ability to add RSS feeds from the community to any of your Informz emails, and even show different feeds to different users based on interests, allows you to use the emails you’re already sending to grow community engagement.  

For example—do you have an email newsletter? Add community feeds to the newsletter and put real-time content right in front of your audience when you send.  

Personalizing Your Marketing  

Event Promotion 

Higher Logic Thrive Platform provides some wonderful starter kits just for marketing as well. Whether your event is large or small, we’ve got you covered with starter kits and suggested email content to help. You can apply the campaign template in a variety of ways, like a full email campaign from registration open to the end of early bird registration, or take it all the way to the last chance to register. 

The British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) used Higher Logic’s event starter kit to increase registration to their virtual event by nearly 50% – and that was despite adding a fee to attend! (Bonus points to BCNPHA—they did it only 19 days after opening the campaign module for the first time!)   

Community Keywords  

With Higher Logic Thrive Platform, you can easily use powerful community insights to market in a way that’s hyper-relevant. Let’s say you’re putting on a big event about security, and you know your members have searched for “security” in your online community. You can pull that data directly into Thrive marketing and drop those members into your event campaign promoting your upcoming security event.  

Hope these quick wins were useful! If you’re ready to see what else Thrive Platform can do for your association, get in touch today. 

Beth Arritt

Association Strategist

Beth’s marketing experience encompasses more than twenty-five years of marketing strategy and member/customer engagement in various industries, including puzzles and games, training, education and aviation.

In addition to marketing, Beth has worked in event management and web development, wearing a variety of hats in different positions. She has also been an adjunct professor of marketing at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising from James Madison University, a Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University, and a Masters of Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She has earned numerous awards for her marketing, including two Top Digital Marketer of the Year awards.

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