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Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Ashley Baker

Associations, Communications Strategy // This spring, we’re celebrating six Marketing Movers and Shakers in the association marketing space. Next up, get to know Ashley Baker, Executive Event Director at NiUG Asia Pacific.  

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Our Marketing Movers and Shakers are leading the way with innovative ideas, great processes, and sharp marketing! We’re excited to recognize our six association winners in this series of blog posts. Today, let’s meet Ashley Baker.

Ashley Baker is the Executive Event Director at NiUG Asia Pacific, an association for any organization with an interest in optimizing their use of ASI’s iMIS, an association management system.

Ashley’s Marketing Moves

Personalized outreach improves event promotion

Over the last year, Ashley has focused on personalized outreach to members. She wanted to improve promotions for their virtual conference, so she used the integration between their database and Higher Logic’s marketing software to target specific audience segments. She made personalized videos for these target groups. Ashley wanted the association to feel approachable and for the comms to be something more than “just another email.” With the data she got back, she could adjust the marketing during the lead up to the conference. She says, ‘We can now actually look and say, “Okay, that person’s opening their emails a lot. We don’t need to worry about them, but what about these people that aren’t opening their emails?”’

Ashley also does a lot of personal one-on-one virtual coffee chats to supplement the data they get back from Higher Logic’s marketing software. The iMIS world is one ecosystem of users and everybody can play a part, connecting with each another, collaborating, and sharing. These chats are one of Ashley’s favorite things to do because she’s not only learning the needs, but she’s also encouraging members to share their stories with the community.

Tips for being a small team – or a team of one

Are you a team of one? So is Ashley! She recommends integrating the right software to make life easier. She manages marketing, membership, and events for the association, and with their integrated database and Higher Logic marketing software, she can send out emails, create reports, and quickly and easily communicate with their community.

How to engage busy members

Your members don’t want to hunt around to figure out what you’re trying to say to them or what you’re trying to get them to do. Ashley strives to keep messages very clear, short, and sweet. She tries different things like video clips and creative imaging to spark engagement. You can’t be afraid to try things, especially when you have members’ attention for just a few brief seconds before they decide to move on the next thing. That speaks to the need to keep things fresh, creative, and interesting.

Want to hear more from Ashley? Check out the on-demand Marketing Movers and Shakers webinar.

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