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Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Amanda Dollman

Associations, Communications Strategy, Customer Stories // We're celebrating six association Marketing Movers and Shakers. Meet Amanda Dollman, and learn how she grew member upgrade requests by over 150%.

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Our Marketing Movers and Shakers are leading the way with innovative ideas, great processes, and sharp marketing! We’re excited to recognize our six association winners in this series of blog posts. Today, let’s meet Amanda Dollman.

Amanda Dollman is the Marketing and Communications Manager at the Resolution Institute, a vibrant community of mediators, arbitrators, expert determiners, adjudicators, restorative justice practitioners, and other dispute resolution professionals. The group promotes and fosters the use of dispute resolution.

Amanda’s Marketing Move: Creating a Personalized Email Campaign for Membership Upgrades

Amanda and the team launched their first automated email campaign in January 2022. Their goal was to increase fellowship membership numbers by taking members on a personalized journey. Using Higher Logic’s marketing software, Amanda designed the campaign to include story-level targeting, so that each recipient would see a personal message. The team wanted to include how long that recipient had been a member and how many changes there had been to the association while they’d been a member.

How did it perform? With their personalized email campaign, the team saw an over 150% increase in fellowship member applications!

With the data they get from the campaign, they can see who clicks on what and who’s opening emails consistently. Amanda loves being able to send better, more effective, more engaging communications that increase value for members.

Words of Encouragement

For those of you who are feeling tentative about trying something like this, Amanda felt the same way. She said, ‘Seth Godin, entrepreneur and marketing guru once said, “If it scares you, it might a good thing to try.” It certainly scared us. And we did give it a try and we’re still trying it.’

Want to hear more from Amanda? Check out the on-demand Marketing Movers and Shakers webinar.

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