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Why I Keep Coming Back to Super Forum

Customer Stories, HL News // Will we see you at Super Forum 2021? Find out why these repeat attendees keep coming back every year.

Beth Arritt
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Higher Logic’s 12th annual Super Forum is fast approaching, so we asked a few of our repeat attendees why they continue to attend year after year. What’s bringing them back?

Here are a few highlights:

  • Inspiration: Getting new ideas & new ways of doing things gleaned from presenters and other attendees
  • Success Stories: Hearing how other Higher Logic users are making successes happen
  • Networking: Meeting other customer & member engagement enthusiasts
  • Adoption: Learning how to do more with the Higher Logic software you have

But they can say it better than we can. Read on to hear firsthand why these attendees are coming back to Super Forum this year.

“I always have an ‘A-ha!’ moment”

“I attended my first Super Forum in person in 2019 and oh boy, does that seem like a lifetime ago. What brings me back? The desire to learn and be inspired by other HL users. There are so many great ideas among this group, not just technically, but also creatively. I always have an “A-ha!” moment and learn something that I can use in my own work. I really value the interactions that the HUG Connect and the HUG Community have provided me especially during the pandemic.  This really is a great group of users who are ready to share and help each other along the way.”

– Rita Zimmerman, Communications Coordinator, American Inns of Court

“I’m still going back to the notes I took from the sessions I attended”

“I attended Super Forum for the very first time last year. At that time I had just started my career in Community and was learning as much as I could, as fast as possible. I was hired to build a developer community for my company and I wanted to make sure I started that process in an educated and deliberate way. It was a great conference and I learned so much. I’m still going back to the notes I took from the sessions I attended.

I have now launched our community, and even became a Higher Logic customer! This year I’ll be looking to learn about what to do now that the Community has been launched. It’s all about building membership and promoting engagement. I’m also looking forward to any opportunity to meet and network with other Community professionals. Those that I have already connected with have definitely provided me with great insight. It’s always good to learn from those who have already gone down the road I’m currently on.”

– Pat Cooney, Community Engineer, ProntoForms

“There’s a lot more room to expand on what I already know”

“Last year’s SF was my first, and I’m looking forward to returning this year because I have gotten to know so many people since last year’s event that I feel like it’ll be a completely different experience. Plus, I’m a lot more familiar with HL’s features and products so I feel like there’s a lot more room to expand on what I already know vs last year when it felt a little like information overload 😊”

– Sarah Sabet, Marketing Coordinator, American Vein & Lymphatic Society (AVLS)

First-timer diving in headfirst

“Hi Beth & Super Forum fans! This will be my very first Super Forum! I plan on attending as much as I can, and I’m honored to be speaking on how communities can mature from just being known for Support or Customer Service. Very excited for the event and to meet many new people!”

– Jenny Weigle, Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant, Jenny.Community, LLC

Haven’t signed up for Super Forum yet? It’s not too late! The virtual event is happening October 19-21. You’ll get to enjoy breakout sessions from amazing industry experts like the folks quoted here, along with these amazing keynotes:

If you’re signed up and you’ve been before, we’d love to know why you’re coming back! Or let us know why you’re excited for your first Super Forum ever. Join the HUG discussion here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Beth Arritt

Association Strategist

Beth’s marketing experience encompasses more than twenty-five years of marketing strategy and member/customer engagement in various industries, including puzzles and games, training, education and aviation.

In addition to marketing, Beth has worked in event management and web development, wearing a variety of hats in different positions. She has also been an adjunct professor of marketing at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

Beth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising from James Madison University, a Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University, and a Masters of Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Phoenix. She has earned numerous awards for her marketing, including two Top Digital Marketer of the Year awards.

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