Rob Wenger returns to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Wenger, who co-founded Higher Logic in 2007, previously spent more than a decade leading the company. He is re-joining as the strategic opportunity for the business shifts to product innovation and strategic partnerships. Read Full Press Release

Meet Our Mascot Floyd

Floyd lives the Higher Logic life and works to keep us connected #AllTogether

Floyd the frog is a red-eyed tree frog with a passion for community.

Floyd’s goal is to help people connect and create one-of-a-kind communities to learn and grow. He lives the #AllTogether life by being a compassionate, spontaneous, and trustworthy frog.

Floyd hopped into Higher Logic’s world in 2007 when our founders were looking for a symbol to give our brand some character. They came across an image of a very social creature who traveled in groups called an army – the red-eyed tree frog. While the name suggests this frog would be red in color, their eyes and feet have an orange hue, similar to Higher Logic’s signature color. Since Higher Logic’s goal is to connect groups of people in communities, this frog seemed like the perfect match.

Floyd has gone through many iterations in his time at Higher Logic, but his purpose has always remained the same: to connect people in a meaningful way. He is a friendly, loyal, and resourceful frog that helps Higher Logic customers and employees foster connection. His motto #AllTogether, refers to his passion for bringing people together to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

Floyd believes that creating experiences for people to connect, create, and innovate together can help organizations reach their goals. A data-driven amphibian, he loves digging into customer insights to find new ways to help them. His mission is to help Higher Logic customers be successful by bringing them closer to their customers and members.

In his free time, you can find Floyd browsing HUG to connect with new friends, hopping around the Higher Logic offices to help employees, or volunteering with the Orange Army in his local community. He considers Super Forum to be his favorite holiday and loves getting to meet customers face-to-face.