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Higher Logic Launches Groundbreaking In-App Engagement Benchmark Score to Measure and Maximize Success of Communities

The leading, human-focused engagement platform is offering an innovative way to track community performance with a new feature release.

Arlington, VA – July 8, 2020 – Higher Logic, the industry-leading engagement platform, announced today the release of a new proprietary product feature, the Engagement Benchmark Score (EBS). The EBS gives customers a way to measure their engagement through data-driven insight into their community’s performance and provide them with a roadmap to increase future success.

Higher Logic has over a decade of experience in the community industry. This new feature combines data-driven strategies for success with extensive industry knowledge, giving customers more insight into their own customers and members. Communities have many different purposes for different organizations and thus a consistent measure of effectiveness is difficult. Purpose, maturity, and size are all factors that can drive and change metrics. Knowing this, Higher Logic set out to solve this problem. Working with data scientists and industry professionals, the Engagement Benchmark Score came to fruition. Almost 170 metrics are grouped and weighted to help gauge success and account for the nuances of community types. 

“I am thrilled to bring the Engagement Benchmark Score to our customers. Since Higher Logic’s founding, it’s been our goal to not just be a software platform, but to lead this space with innovation and expertise,” says Higher Logic Chief Community Officer, Heather McNair. “We’ve facilitated over 2.7 billion interactions on our engagement platform and have used those interactions to provide insight to our customers. Through our research, we’ve found ways to provide the infrastructure that keeps those users coming back. By personalizing their experience from the first day, you turn them from everyday users into brand heroes.”

The Engagement Benchmark Score consists of three core measures.

  • Activity: The ratio of the number of items created for each active user in the community. Activity is a core metric because it drives value for your audience and motivates others to interact.
  • Value: A measure of the engagement that is generated by the content in the community. Value gauges the quality and relevance of the content in your community.
  • Reach: A successful community needs to have an engaged audience. Reach measures the ratio of users who are active in the community as compared to the total number of member or customer accounts.

Communities were evaluated in each of these categories; we determine the customer’s EBS by combining these three scores. These categories give users a clear picture of what is happening in their community allowing them to focus their efforts where most needed.

This release solidifies Higher Logic’s position as the leading engagement platform while helping to further its mission of making success a reality for organizations by bringing them closer to their customers through meaningful interactions and powerful insights.

“EBS is exciting for both our customers and our company. It comes at a time where engagement has proven to be an important and powerful initiative for many organizations. I am proud that we are able to offer this product feature to our customers to help them better serve their own users,” shares Higher Logic Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Boyce.

Through the process of analyzing data and developing the Engagement Benchmark Score, Higher Logic discovered underlying trends that can be used to help shape a community’s success. These trends are discussed in the first-ever  Engagement Trends Report. Download the report now to learn what these trends are and how to apply the findings to your community.

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